Scottish Elopements: A guide for the roamers, explorers and lovers.

Scottish Elopement Photographer

Have you ever thought “let’s just run away and get married… just the two of us”? Be honest. I bet you have!

Shooting elopements in the wilderness of Scotland is by far my favourite thing about being a photographer. I love strapping on my hiking boots, grabbing my camera and taking a trek with a couple of likeminded adventurers. I have recently been to various parts of Skye, Lewis, Oban and Glencoe for an awesome range of elopements… each and every one has been so memorable.

There’s something really special about sharing such an intimate and important day with a couple, and I don’t take for granted how privileged I am to be part of such an important journey for any couple.

I’ve been soaked, I’ve been sun burned and I’ve been chased by massive highland cows.

Here are a few tips for couples that are planning to elope that I have picked up along the way:

  1. Use your photographer as a witness - You’ll need two witnesses to the nuptials to make them legally binding. If you’re planning a super intimate elopement and can’t think who to use… use your photographer. I’ve been a witness on lots of occasions and I’m always more than happy to assist.

  2. Bring hiking boots - The amazing thing about elopements is that there is usually a lot more time for portraits compared to a traditional wedding. You’ve therefore got loads of time to throw on some boots and hike up a mountain… or a small hill.

  3. Prepare for all types of weather - Scotland’s weather can be pretty unpredictable. Most of the elopements I’ve been part of have been outdoor ceremonies, some in the beautiful sunshine and some in the craziest wind and rain. Bring a nice umbrella.

  4. Find the right person to conduct your ceremony - Whether you are having a humanist, civil or religious ceremony, I think that the person that conducts the ceremony makes such a big difference. So make sure that you find someone that shares your spirit of adventure and takes the time to get to know your personalities. I know lots of amazing wedding suppliers, so let me know if you need some recommendations.

  5. Make dinner arrangements - After a day of exploring the wilderness of Scotland, you’ll probably work up a bit of an appetite. You will also have earned a stiff dram or a few bottles of wine. So make sure that you have a table for two booked somewhere local for the evening of your wedding day.

Let’s start planning your journey together. Feel free to get in contact with me directly if you have any questions.

Here is some inspiration from some of my previous Scottish elopements…