About Me

David Grant Simpson

You're probably thinking, who's that guy up there in the hat and glasses looking all wistful?

That's me. Hello, I'm David.

Weddings are quite simply, awesome fun.

I absolutely love being part of people's wedding day. It's so important to me that everyone has a fun, relaxed and memorable time, and capturing this is honestly the best job ever. For me, it’s all about the moment, the laughter and the unique atmosphere and personalities that shape a day.

After finding the right partner.. 

..which I'm assuming you already have - finding the right photographer is probably one of the most important aspects of a wedding. I totally get this and that's why I love to meet couples, get to know personalities and hear all about the story that led to this point. It's great to find a collaborative connection so that the wedding day flows in a fun and relaxed manner.

My job is to be a story teller and what better story is there to tell than the story of love

I know that sounds pretty cheesy, but it's true and it's always an honour to share in those special moments.

I'd love to hear from you.