Duntreath Castle Wedding - Beautiful castle near Glasgow

Marina & Joe | July 2018 | Duntreath Castle,


Duntreath Castle Wedding58.jpg

This incredible castle on beautiful grounds is only a 30 minute drive from Glasgow and is a real hidden gem. I’ve photographed two weddings at Duntreath Castle and both have been incredible experiences. If you’re looking for a castle in which to get married that isn’t too far from central Scotland, then make sure that you check out this place.

My most recent visit was for the wedding of Marina & Joe in July 2018. Marina is German and a lot of her family travelled for the occasion, and what better introduction is there to Scotland and our culture than a 15th century castle in a jawdropping rustic and remote location.

Another real testament to Scotland was the weather. This was seriously one of those four seasons in one day occasions. Thankfully, the rain and wind died down for the precise amount of time required to get the big group shot, family portraits and to take a stroll around Duntreath’s impressive grounds with the happy couple.

Marina & Joe’s wedding later turned into a massive ceilidh in the marquee. I’ve found that even native Scottish people (myself included) don’t exactly know all of the highland dances, so it’s always great fun photographing other cultures attempting the moves.

Here is Marina and Joe’s wedding story…